About Project


Ensure a higher level of product safety through better harmonization t and implementation of EU technical legislation

Objectives of the Project

  • Adoption of sustainability, effectiveness and innovation in the machinery sector
  • To build a strong and stable economy in Turkey's machinery industry and have a high international competitiveness
  • Being guided by the directives guiding the sector in Europe while establishing a long-term cooperation with EU countries that have made progress in the machinery sector
  • Turkey to have its own manufacturing and product technology compatible to EU, to act simultaneously in the industrialization process with EU countries
  • Machinery regulations and short films reach at least 3,000 people (Ministry, NGOs and manufacturers)
  • 28% decrease in the number of audit activities with NGOs approved by the end of 2020
  • 10% reduction in non-compliance of market surveillance controls in the machinery sector by the end of 2020
  • Training on the harmonization and implementation of the relevant EU technical legislation in the machinery sector with a minimum of 650 participation (Ministry, NGOs and manufacturers)